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Sunapee, NH

3 Multi Families

$347,000 - $1,499,000

3 Condos

$369,000 - $415,000

45 Single Families

$139,000 - $7,995,000

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Like many other towns, this one went through name changes before its incorporation in 1781: "Saville" in 1768, "Corey's Town", and then "Wendell", for one of the Masonian Proprietors, John Wendell. The marsh near Sunapee Middle High School still bears Wendell's name. The name "Sunapee" was substituted for "Wendell" by the legislature in 1850. The town, Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee share the name which comes from the Algonquian Indian words "suna" meaning "goose", and "apee", meaning "lake". The Indians called the area "Goose Lake" because it was a favorite spot of wild geese.

Before Sunapee was a sizable tourist attraction, it was an industrial area. One factory produced 110 clothespins a minute. After the factories faded away, the major attraction became the pristine lake, once surrounded by a number of grand hotels. People used large ferries to get from hotel to hotel around the...



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7 Bed, 4 Bath
Sunapee, NH
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Single Family
4 Bed, 2 Bath
Sunapee, NH
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108 High Ridge, Sunapee, NH 03782 Home For Sale - MLS #4701464 $2,995,000
Single Family
5 Bed, 3 Bath
Sunapee, NH
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30 Chase, Sunapee, NH 03782 Home For Sale - MLS #4699721 $210,000
Single Family
3 Bed, 1 Bath
Sunapee, NH
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