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Subleasing Your Apartment

Avoid paying fees for early termination - or even rent costs while you aren't living there - by subleasing your apartment if you need to move out permanently or temporarily. Apartment sublets experience seasonal demand, with many students searching for temporary housing during summer and other college vacation times. Regardless of the market, it's possible to sublet your place successfully at any time of year.

It may be demanding of your time, but there isn't any reason to struggle. Here is a rough outline of what's needed:

Ask Your Landlord

  • Confirm with your landlord that you have the authority to sublease your apartment
  • Most landlords will be happy to work out an arrangement with you once you've explained your position, so take your time to address the issue even if it doesn't look like your original contract allowed it

Find Your Leaser

  • Start by asking family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else in your network, since a close relationship with your subleaser will help your landlord if he has any doubts
  • You might consider posting some flyers with photographs, a description, and your contact details on them around places that you frequent
  • Your last and best option are websites like Craigslist that will let you post "flyers" for the whole world to see
  • Remember to ask potential subleasers the important questions, such as their reasons for renting, their ability to pay, and whether or not they smoke

Sign an Agreement

  • A signed agreement is a necessity if you want to make sure your leaser is held responsible - without a legal contract, you will still be legally recognized as the leaser and accountable for damages and payments
  • Without the services of a lawyer, the Internet Legal Research Group offers legal lease agreements on their website that are specific to all states.
  • Add the agreements you make on security deposit responsibility, repair responsibility, and move in and out dates to this contract
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