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Home Mold Inspections

By Derren Peters

One thing to look out for, especially when moving into a new home, is mold. Although mold can be quite harmless beyond its ugly physical appearance, some types of mold as well as large quantities of mold could be dangerous and cause health issues or destroy your home's walls and foundation. Testing for mold is a low cost way of preventing serious problems and significant expenses, and is something you can higher a professional to do, or even do yourself.

Home inspectors are often not obligated to disclose information about mold problems, so you'll want to either check for it yourself or hire someone to do so. If you choose to do it yourself, you'll want to start by visually inspecting for mold and moisture around windows, sinks, water lines, and in bathrooms. You can also buy a moisture pin meter to check for moisture. If you smell an odor coming from your vents, there could be mold ? and the vents might also spread it rapidly throughout the house. If you find mold between the tiles in your bathroom, you can remove it by cleaning it with a bleach and water mixture.

If you choose to hire a professional, he can inspect much more thoroughly and will use a thermal imager to detect moisture that you would not be able to see. He will also perform a leak detection and moisture analysis, air quality analysis, relative humidity testing, and drainage evaluation. Some mold inspectors even use fiber-optic cameras to inspect within walls.

Some of the tougher mold infestations may require EPA-registered fungicide to get rid of. In addition to removing mold, however, you can take steps to prevent future mold from growing by fixing leaks and broken water lines, preventing water from seeping through the foundation, and making sure your storm drainage works properly.

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