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Entering college as a forestry major, Lee's work included the performance of plants as individuals in the built-environments (landscapes) that surround us. With renewed focus, he transferred to an Arboriculture curriculum in the Ornamental Horticulture Department of SUNY at Farmingdale. This transition came at a time when only two college-level Arboriculture curriculums existed in the United States. After receiving a degree from the Arboriculture program, Lee went on to earn an Agricultural Economics degree from Cornell University.

Upon entering the tree and landscape industry, Lee was soon assigned responsibilities for oversight of pest management operations and plant performance assessments in the field. This development fostered the continuous refinement of his diagnostic processes and ability to improve upon the performance of ornamental landscape plants.

Relocating to work with a leading national company, Lee then began a long career helping to manage an operation to grow urban trees on Staten Island in New York City. This opportunity brought together the many challenges of managing a widely diverse palette of plants and pests. During this period Lee gained valuable experience with a full range of urban stress factors known as people-pressure diseases. For five consecutive years Lee was the company's top provider of integrated pest management (IPM) and plant health care (PHC) services among about 145 other arborist representatives.

During this time Lee joined the administrative boards of many professional groups to serve at the regional and state level ultimately receiving New Jersey's prestigious Arborist of the Year award. He also presented a series of well-received lectures at regional and state meetings to train others on techniques he helped to develop.

More recently Lee moved to New Hampshire to work as a Products and Services Developer for the Tree Care Industry Association. In this position, Lee broadened his experience by developing production, safety, regulatory compliance & business management support products for the tree care industry.

Having reentered the commercial sector, Lee Gilman and his associates have a comprehensive foundation to meet the challenges faced by demanding clients. He is now available to provide high-level assistance to those interested in professional or technical advancement on a broad range of plant health and business support issues.

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