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Vachon Dental Tells Us "Don't Skimp on Routine Dental Care"

By Elisha Neubauer

Did you know that regular dental checkups are just as vital as visiting your General Practitioner at least once a year? While many people overlook this aspect of their healthcare, preventative checkups with a dentist can save you a lot of time, money, and pain in the future.

Richard Vachon, DMD, of Vachon Dental, sat down to talk to us a little bit about what makes these visits so important, and how visiting your dentist really is important in the long-run.

"Regular dental checkups help uncover issues in early stages," states Vachon. "Prevention is key to avoiding uncomfortable situations, which may lead to larger and more expensive problems in the future." But, aside from just expensive and painful problems, there is another key issue that can arise from ignoring your dental care. "Dental problems can affect your overall health. Links have been found to periodontal or gum disease and cardiac problems," he details.

One of the reasons a lot of people steer clear of dental checkups is finances. Those who are financially strapped or without insurance may not visit a dentist unless a painful emergency arises. But, in the state of New Hampshire, Vachon says there is help. "There are networks of dental clinics in the state of New Hampshire that offer dental services at a reduced rate, and at a sliding scale if one cannot afford the cost of dental care," he explains. "Most large cities in the state have these clinics." If you're in need of some of these programs, but not sure where to turn, Vachon states that Social service offices should be familiar with these clinics. He adds, "Most dental practices offer third party payment plans to assist patients attain and maintain their dental health."

There are steps that can be taken in between dental visits, as well, in order to maintain dental health. "Proper brushing and flossing are key to maintaining good oral health between visits," Vachon details. "Watching your sugar intake, in food and drink, is also key." Other tricks include utilizing municipal water systems which provide fluoridated water, which helps fight against tooth decay and aids in the development of teeth. Toothpaste with added fluoride is another way to help in the processes.

Vachon, like many dentists, just wants the best for his clients. Having practiced general dentistry for over forty years in Manchester, he strives to reach out to the community to keep them informed and aware of the importance of routine dental care. "Public service has always been important to me and I have continued to reach out to the community in many ways," states Vachon. "I've also had the privilege to be a past President of the NH Dental Society and a member of the Manchester Monarchs Dental team. We are present at games for emergency dental needs of injured players."

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