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Triplett Provides More Than 100 Years of Advanced Testing Equipment

By Kelly Church

Triplett Test Equipment & Tools is more than a century old and still provides some of the most efficient technical equipment on the market. The company originated in Bluffton, Ohio, but now operates out of Manchester, New Hampshire, after being acquired by Jewell Instruments in 2007. Triplett is known for their testing equipment, providing the mining, railroad and telecommunications industries with tools that give other companies a competitive edge.

"From a market standpoint, our brand is known to offer exceptional features at reasonable prices, which equates to value for our customers," Director of Product Management Spencer Craig says. "We achieve this through a combination of in-house product development and collaborative engineering of innovative products."

Over many decades, the company has provided multiple innovations that were staples in history. Triplett's specialized test equipment was used in radio manufacturing and repair in the 1920s. Triplett's testing tools were also used by the U.S. Signal Corps during World War II. Triplett continued to grow, becoming one of the foremost businesses in technical and maintenance equipment, according to Craig.

"We are the industry leader in low voltage cable testers [used for installation and maintenance of coaxial cable, network cable, phone cable, audio-video cable], security camera testers, and specialized equipment for the railroad and mining industries," Craig says. "We offer a full line of products that serve the security, DataCom, TeleCom, audio-video, electrical supply and electronics markets."

Since the start of the calendar year, Triplett Test Equipment & Tools has launched quite a few products into the market. The CamView IP Pro series of camera testers tests Internet protocol (IP) security cameras, CCTV cameras, and the more specialized high-definition analog cameras. The purpose of these testers is to reduce the number of technicians on job sites, reduce the amount of time installers have to spend on installation and maintenance, and give technicians the ability to verify the functionality of cameras before a building has power or technical infrastructure.. Using these testers greatly reduces installation time and manpower requirements.

Another new piece of technology for Triplett is their Video Test Module, something Craig calls the first piggyback module for their popular line of LVPro cable testers. The module allows the LVPro to be used for testing and validation of HDMI cables, and detects power loss in cable television networks.

Lastly, the DataLogging Digital Multimeter was a new product for the company this year. It is a high-end tool for electricians, HVAC installers, circuit designers and DYI Electronics fans. Coming in at less than $500, the multimeter features a color display, 2,000 data slots, True RMS, and many other features, according to Craig.

"We pride ourselves on understanding the pace of technological advancement in each segment we serve, and matching our innovation and product development resources accordingly," Craig says. "At the same time, it's important to understand that Triplett is 112 years old this year and we continue to serve some of the very same applications that Ray L. Triplett served with his first products. Our continual focus on value has led to products that have exceptionally long staying power in their markets."

Craig says one of the company's most successful products is the Model 310C Handheld Analog Volt/Ohm Meter that was introduced in 1955. More than 60 years later, the meter is still a top seller.

"We plan to be around for another 112 years," Craig says.

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