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The 10 Most Common Home Inspection Concerns: An Interview with Bruce Randall of New Horizons Home Inspections, LLC

By Bruce Randall

Please describe a little bit about your company and its foundation.

My name is Bruce Randall, owner of New Horizons Home Inspections, LLC. I am a lifelong resident of NH and understand firsthand the unique stresses and demands our weather places a structure. When I set out to become a home inspector I had one goal in mind to provide top-quality inspections and to educate home buyers/sellers on the condition of the home they are considering buying or selling.

I believe that there is no substitute for hands-on experience coupled with top-notch up-to-date training. At New Horizons Home Inspections, this isn't just an inspection report, it is a "new horizon" for most people.

I understand the importance of performing a complete and thorough comprehensive inspection and yet communicating the findings in such a manner that gives you usable information to assist you during your time in this new home while keeping things in perspective. Along with 35+ years in the construction industry I have been trained by American Home Inspectors Training Institute. They train and support more successful home inspectors than anyone else in the US. If you would like any other additional services like water and air radon inspection, we can also provide those as well.

What services do you offer?

We offer water and radon tests, which are sent to a state-certified lab for results.

New Horizons does not provide septic inspections services. I feel these services are better supplied by the experts in this field. While New Horizons is not affiliated with any septic inspectors in any way I can supply a list of what I feel are reputable companies that can perform these services, I can schedule them to perform the required service, and there is no additional fee for me scheduling the septic inspector.

Please list and describe the 10 Most Common Home Inspection Concerns found in most homes.

  • Roof Condition: approximate age of roof-life expectancy
  • Septic Systems: the proper care and use of this system and through inspection of components
  • Water Supply: water quality, water tests to match the area you live in
  • Electrical Service: entrance cable to grounding, branch circuits are checked
  • Foundations: checked for premature failure or structural defects
  • Structural Issues: involving the framing of the roof, side walls, and supports
  • Heating Systems: checking for age and proper functioning of components
  • Wet Basements: checking for possible cause and solutions to this problem
  • Insect Damage: will be noted if discovered and solutions suggested
  • Air Radon: tests can be performed and sent to a state-certified lab for results
  • Windows and Doors: condition, hardware, and proper installation are checked

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Inspections can be scheduled seven days a week, and I can be reached at 603-533-3559 or through my website

There is one more thing I would like to get across to all potential buyers and sellers: the cost of a good-quality home inspection is very low compared to the cost of repairing things later on that might be missed without a home inspection and compared to the cost of the biggest investment of your life.

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