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Taylor Community: Retirement Inspired by the 'Live Free or Die' State

By Kelly Church

Settled in the Lakes Region of the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire is a retirement community that gives residents a safe place to live in an atmosphere that feels like home without restricting individual freedom. Taylor Community in Laconia is built for active senior citizens who want to spend their retirement socializing, exploring and learning new activities. Paul Charlton, Director of Marketing for Taylor Community, says the neighborhood not only provides retired residents relief of the hassles of home ownership, but also has added benefits.

"One of the reasons often cited [for moving into a retirement community] is getting completely away from the headaches, hassles and expense of maintaining one's home," Charlton says. "But I think more important are the benefits of living in and around other people. It's important to recognize that at his point in your life, you're not making a move like this as a financial investment. You are investing in the enjoyment, health and safety of your lifestyle and the investment returns come in the form of security, health and happiness."

To keep residents happy, according to Charlton, they are given more freedom than many other retirement communities. They are able to have pets, houseguests, plant gardens and decorate however they please. Taylor Community organizes trips, concerts, special events, has a theater, fitness center, programs for wellness and aquatics, speakers, seminars, workshops and socials. With all of this at their disposal, residents are still allowed to live as independently as they please.

"There are people here who participate in everything that's going on," Charlton says. "And there are a few residents who I've not met in my 11 years at Taylor [Community]. The point is you do your own thing, what you want, when you want."

With 104 acres to the Taylor Community name, residents are spread out instead of living in a tightly fitted community. They offer cottages that are single-level homes with attached garages and "practical floor plans" to suit the needs of a senior community. There are also apartments to choose from with up to 1,400-square feet of space. Additionally, they strive to accommodate residents who need more support by offering assisted living, nursing and memory care services.

"Taylor [Community has] a culture that respects and supports the independence and privacy of the people who live here," Charlton says. This is a huge decision and so it's our job to provide everything you need to be able to make your decisions with complete, accurate and unbiased information."

To help transition residents into their new home at Taylor Community, they offer assistance in selling a resident's current home to allow them to make the move into the community. They help get residents moved from outside of the community into the property. Taylor Community also realizes that, for some, making friends in their new home can be difficult. In those circumstances, should the resident want it, staff helps residents interact with one another.

"One of the most important things we do which is listening to people and meeting them where they are because we're all individuals with different wants, needs and interests," Charlton says. "It's interesting to note that exploring options and making a decision of what to do and where to go next is difficult and even overwhelming for many. Yet once the move has been made you don't hear comments of regret or wishing they had waited."

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