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Signing on for High Quality Service with Laconia-Based Company, Big Daddy's Signs

By S. Mathur

Signs for every possible use you can think of, and then some. Whether it's political signs ('tis the season, after all), yard signs, parking, traffic, real estate, or advertising banners, Big Daddy's Signs in Laconia, NH understands signs - their uses, their production and installation - inside out. As every semiologist worth the name knows, signs have many meanings and many uses. They can announce a presence, a purpose, a message, or all of these and more.

For businesses like real estate, they can be essential in driving traffic literally to listings. After all, people can't decide whether or not to buy a house if they can't even find their way there. Steve Zwicker, Co-Owner of Big Daddy's Signs says that signs are the real estate agent's best friends.

"They can use directional signs announcing an open house, lining them up along streets directing people to the house. They also can put a sign up in the front yard to announce that that particular property is for sale or for rent, and include their contact information on the sign so that potential buyers/renters can easily get in touch with any inquiries." Further, since these signs are lightweight, portable and not location-specific, they can be used over and over again.

Signs are also a handy and cost-effective means of advertising, especially for local businesses like home improvement services. Zwicker says that they can "put a sign in that yard to let the neighbors know who just put in those awesome windows, or that new roof, or did that great paint job or landscape job. If they have a brick and mortar storefront, they can use signs to announce a sale, or special, or any particular message that they'd like to get out to potential customers."

Roadside and mobile signs like vehicle magnets reach a larger audience. Roadside signs can be sited strategically, Zwicker adds: "You see a lot of business owners putting signs out on the side of the road or at intersections, using them like business cards. People stuck at a red light are the perfect captive audience!"

Big Daddy also specializes in designing signs, which is done in consultation with the client. The criteria for choosing the colors used on a sign can be variable. They should match the company's colors, and if the company has a logo, it should be included for creating brand memory. In general, the colors used should reflect the type of business - bright primary colors for a day school or kids play center, more professional, neutral colors for a store that sells business suits, and so on.

All Big Daddy signs are custom designed and printed. Clients who would like use their own artwork are asked to send it along in an editable format, when possible. Big Daddy uses Illustrator, so AI, EPS and PDF files are the preferred format. But they can work with high resolution JPG files and even with Word documents and PowerPoint.

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