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Rokon: The World's Most All-Terrain Vehicle

By Joshua Grammer

Near the end of the 50s, a man named Charles Fehn invented the first all-wheel drive motorcycle. Where other ATV models may not be all-wheel drive or be too large to fit through certain terrains, the vehicles made by Rokon do both.

Project Manager, Brad Blais explains, Rokon motorcycles are unique in that they are two-wheel drive, providing the ability to climb over rocks, fallen trees, and steep terrain. The two-wheel drive system is built for torque, not speed, allowing this climbing power as well as great towing ability. Our motorcycles are made right here at our factory in New Hampshire. We do everything from welding the frame, to powder coating (painting), assembly and testing right here in Rochester, NH."

When thinking about buying unique gear or vehicles, it is always a good idea to check on availability. If it is a foreign made product or the parts are hard to find, you may end up spending more money than you planned. That's why Rokon values the ability to fix, repair, and even maintain their vehicles over time.

Blais says, "Rokon has an extensive network of dealers throughout the USA as well as worldwide. All dealers have a deep knowledge of how Rokons work, but we also design Rokons so they are simple and easy to maintain by anyone. We use all standard size bolts, nuts, and other components wherever possible so that repairs are simple and straightforward." He goes on to add that the bikes have a one year warranty and the Kohler engines have a three year warranty.

One of the cool things about Rokon's bikes is their high ground clearance. If you are truly into outdoor, off-road adventure, then you know how important this is. Many trucks or ATV's get bogged down or stuck on ruts, logs, and even rocks. Having a more slender, higher sitting vehicle allows you to reach places that most cannot. Since the bikes are not built for speed, they are ideal for power. They come equipped to haul other supplies and can even be used to pull objects. The wide seating allows for comfort and also gives ample room for whatever you intend to carry into the great outdoors.

There are several models produced by Rokon, but Blais tells us that the most popular is the Trail-Breaker. Speaking of the Trail-Breaker, he says, "This classic has been in production for over 50 years, and while it has gone through many updates, the original two-wheel drive concept has remained the same throughout its history. We have a wide array of accessories to fit the needs of any job. Some of our most popular accessories are brush busters, which provide protection for your hands and the brake levers, and the tow bar kit."

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