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Prevail Martial Arts and Fitness Center Teaches Multicultural Martial and Meditative Arts

By S. Mathur

Prevail Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Nashua, NH is a very different kind of martial arts academy. For one thing, classes are strictly for adults and teens rather than for kids. So you won't see SUVs full of middle schoolers converging on the building after school. Rather, the center emphasizes its unique blend of multicultural martial and meditative arts. The guiding spirit of the martial arts journey is a quest for personal improvement, and the training honors this spirit.

"Our academy is designed to provide functional, realistic training that also incorporates the elements of philosophy, history, and meditative practice that make the martial arts much more than just a work out or combat sport," owner and Head Instructor Sensei Richard Hubbard said. "Our school is designed to strike a balance between the traditional karate schools, which are primarily structured for children and teach narrow, highly stylized arts that not necessarily functional for self defense, and the MMA fight gyms where the emphasis on sport effectiveness sacrifices the soulfulness of mindful, intelligent practice."

Students are taught martial arts, yoga and meditation.

"We are a modern, self defense and mediation based academy," Hubbard said. "Our martial arts programs are more like attending a university course than an intramural sport or after-school activity, and are designed for serious people who are dedicated to improving their fitness, flexibility, mental well-being, and emotional balance."

The center offers classes in kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo-JuJitsu, and Reality Based Self Defense as well as regular seminars and workshops. Custom workshops help students to choose the right training plan that works for them.

"We are the oasis for many parents who, after giving everything of themselves to the their children and careers, need something healthy and deeply satisfying for themselves," Hubbard said.

This unique approach is based on Hubbard's own experience and knowledge, which ranges over 30 years and many different disciplines. He is a Zen practitioner and has been a member of the Mountains and Rivers Order for 16 years. He has lived in Zen and Tibetan monasteries, and has degrees in English and History as well as graduate training in classical theater and conservatory performance arts.

The center teaches Zazen meditation, along with mindfulness. These provide strategies of calmness and control, along with self awareness and rational responses to stress. Yoga helps to develop both mental and physical flexibility. The center fosters a healthy, non-competitive, and nurturing environment. Hubbbard feels that this holds the key to allowing people to express themselves artistically, in addition to making them mentally and physically fit.

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