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Portland Photo Booth Company Redefines Celebrations In Portland, Maine

By Paul Rowe

Portland Photo Booth Company ensures that memories last forever in Portland, unleashing the fun side we all have, recording those goofy moments we all cherish. When people of all ages exit the photo booth, they feel "loosened up," and they take this newfound spirit with them for the rest of the event at hand.

Choosing to have a photo booth at your special event is a fantastic icebreaker and undoubtedly shakes the dust off anyone's fun side. These photos print out within 10-12 seconds and make marvelous keepsakes that people can take home with them and share with their friends and family for the rest of their lives.

"There's something about stepping inside a photo booth where you become 12 years old again. I'm not sure if it's because you're seeing yourself on that 20" screen, or you've put on a Jack Sparrow wig, but for those 30 seconds, taking yourself seriously melts away; you feel like you're a kid in the sandbox playing again," owner Justin Amoroso said. "The point isn't to look "perfect" for the camera. The point is to have fun."

Upon entering the photo booth, lifelong memories are created, and then a "hard copy" of that memory is created in the form of a photograph, one that can be carried throughout one's entire life. Moreover, at any event that has a "guest of honor" such as a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary, Amoroso sets up a unique scrapbook with pens of various colors.

"Guests can cut one half of their strip, paste it into a scrap book, and leave a message," Amoroso said. "Then they can keep the other strip for themselves, and I can reprint as many prints as guests like if they need more."

This "scrapbook corner" becomes a mini-craft-night. Oftentimes, guests get inspired to create magnificent messages and decorations to go along with them, honoring their guest of honor and ensuring that these special memories last a lifetime.

"When you're in the booth it feels like you are in a theater," Amoroso said. "When you're at the scrapbook table, it's like finger-painting, but with colored pens."

In addition to dressing up and taking pictures together, these scrapbook corners provide another unique, fun-filled activity for guests of all ages at any event. Then, the guest of honor receives a completely unique keepsake along with a flash drive of all of the digital pictures to upload to social media sites and elsewhere. Not only does Amoroso provide a unique scrapbook experience, but the booth itself is classy, elegant, and professional.

"While other photo booths sometimes have cheesy pictures splattered over the exterior of the booth, ours has a classy black color with a red door, so our booth looks great whether it's a formal or informal gathering," Amoroso said. "At 5' across, 5' deep, and 8' tall, the photo booth doesn't take up a lot of space but fits 10 people at a time! I'm proud to say the booth that we have is one of the best in the market."

The Portland Photo Booth Company's Facebook page provides terrific examples of props and the fabulous photographs taken at events all over New England. Amoroso is honored to provide the lovely people of Maine with something unique that truly elevates events beyond the typical party experience.

"Guests at parties are usually in a great mood to start off with," Amoroso said. "But then when they come out of the booth, they're in even better moods. Meeting the people along the way makes my job a lot of fun."

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