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Pear Tree Gifts Feels Like Shopping Nirvana

By S. Mathur

As any artist could tell you, gift giving is all about creating connections. Such social bonds are all the stronger for being intangible. Pear Tree Gifts recognizes this, and staff enjoy the task of helping people find the perfect gift for just about anyone. Many of the unique items in the store are handmade by local artists and craftsmen, creating a bond between the store and customers on the one hand and the local community on the other.

Founder and CEO Jennifer Rebecca Blosser has a natural flair for the unpredictable task of running a gift store, but she came to it by chance.

"I purchased Pear Tree three years ago based solely on a gut instinct," she said. "I had never owned a business before, but the potential for it to be a creative outlet was something that consumed my thoughts from the moment it become a possibility. The store changed locations after a year and a half and Pear Tree started to grow in ways I could never had imagined."

The new space was three and a half times larger than the original store, and was quickly filled with Pear Tree's trademark handmade items from local artisans, as well as customers eager to buy these.

"This aspect is what makes Pear Tree unique, and the larger location has provided the space for me to stay true to the core focus as well as implement my vision," Blosser said. "A customer will never find another store that offers the products we do. My love of stationery, crafts, bags, books and other little baubles have evolved into a collection that I am able to look at and think, "Yes, this is exactly what my dream store would be."

Gifts include everything from elegant tea cups to New Hampshire t-shirts complete with the state motto Live Free or Die. Whether you're looking for a hat for the Kentucky Derby or unique jewelry, you'll find what you were looking for at Pear Tree.

The gifts and the presence of the store itself do create connections, linking customers to local artists and craftspeople. Pear Tree has strong links to the community, in ways that Blosser finds totally unexpected.

"For example, we are asked multiple times a week for requests for local organizations that are having raffles, silent auctions, or some other type of benefit," Blosser said. "It's hard to keep up with the requests, and it may require multiple attempts but we never say "No." Some way, we make it work because we are part of this community and want to make sure to give back."

Pear Tree also produces tangible results for the community in the form of job creation.

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