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New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts: Nonprofit Maintains a Stunning Local Arts Community

By Elisha Neubauer

New Hampshire may be known for its scenery and beauty, but there is an even more stunning landscape residing within its borders: the arts community. Unlike any other region, the arts community in New Hampshire thrives in both traditional and unexpected places: flourishing not only in established theatres and galleries but also in historic mills, shopping plazas, coffee shops, town halls and parks, and social media. This statewide arts community has a drive--a passion--to foster both a diverse and thriving environment, allowing the arts to become an essential part of its citizens' daily lives. The New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts is partly to thank for this artistic growth and continued survival.

The New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts (NHBCA) is a member-based organization, formed solely from businesses and companies with a philanthropic devotion to the arts. These members understand and nourish the connection between a prospering art world and economic achievement. As advocates for the arts, members of the NHBCA are not only supportive, but work hard to ensure a climate in which the community, the arts, and the economy are able to co-exist and prosper.

"Since our founding, the NHBCA's work to connect business and arts has been guided by the belief, and data, that money given to and earned by arts and cultural organizations provides jobs and creates more vibrant communities for all who live, work and visit our state," explains Joan Goshgarian, Executive Director of NHBCA. "Art is an integral part of our lives. It exists not only in the performances and shows we attend, but in the objects, places, sights and sounds that surround us every day. Creativity happens everywhere and anywhere in New Hampshire thanks to the ingenuity of those organizations, artists, actors, writers, musicians, and patrons who recognize that just as a blank page can be a canvas and any bare space a stage, so too can any place become a home for art and a celebration of community and life."

The NHBCA has enacted multiple programs to cultivate and encourage support of the arts within the state. Programs such as the Business in the Arts Awards, Lawyers for the Arts, and NH Center for Nonprofits are a sample of ways they contribute to the nurturing and development of the art world. "Whether it's a specific program or a collaboration of action or ideas, the NHBCA is committed to the belief that the arts add economic vitality to the state, create and sustain jobs, make our communities thrive and enhance our quality of life," says Goshgarian.

"New Hampshire's artistic legacy is a rich one. Performers, artists, musicians, and writers have all drawn inspiration from NH's natural beauty and the character of its towns and people. And today, this legacy is being reborn in new and different ways by an artistic community rooted in the same resourcefulness that defines our state," Goshgarian explains. Since its founding in 1985, the nonprofit organization has been supporting the arts through the help and membership of businesses across the state. Through partnerships, donations, and membership fees; the NHBCA will continue to stimulate increased awareness and encouragement of the New Hampshire arts community.

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