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Nashua Residents Reach Higher Than Ever Before Thanks to Vertical Dreams

By Paul Rowe

Indoor climbing is a fun activity that almost anyone can try. It's common to see anyone from ages five to sixty climbing at Vertical Dreams in Nashua, New Hampshire. There's a sense of accomplishment for climbers when they reach the top, having achieved something fulfilling, unexpected, and thrilling.

"Climbing is very social and many of our customers become friends," says Vertical Dreams owner Corey Hebert. "Everyone gets something different from the experience, from learning about yourself and your abilities, to meeting new people, getting in shape while having fun, or simply enjoying watching someone climb."

People just don't know how addicting and euphoric this is until they try it. Some of the most unlikely candidates have become avid climbers over the years, and they have emerged healthier individuals, physically and mentally.

A good workout entails something you genuinely enjoy doing. If you like to climb, there are fewer excuses for putting it off until tomorrow. "Most people climb because it is so much fun; getting in shape is just a bi product of the sport," says Herbert. "No one ever asks themselves, 'Have I climbed long enough yet to call this exercise?' It's usually more like: 'I want to keep climbing but my body wont let me.'"

Climbing is a family-friendly activity at Vertical Dreams. Most of the time, parents are dragged along for the ride, simply watching their kids have all the fun: this isn't the case with climbing. Some people even come without their kids so they can get in some extra climbing. It's common to see entire families come in to try it for the first time together. The best part is that it's a fun, unique way to spend an afternoon together. The many seating areas here provide perfect hangouts for climbers to enjoy their lunch, snacks, or pizza in between climbs.

"If you're a first timer, it's easy to learn," says Hebert. "Basically, you can just walk in and in under an hour you will be climbing. It's best to come with a partner but we will take care of the rest."

Beginner lesson packages cost $35 and include a lesson, rentals, and unlimited climbing. After you get some experience under your belt the cost is only $21, including equipment. There's a good chance you might get hooked. If you do, there are memberships available for frequent visitors.

We frequently imagine ourselves summiting our dreams and goals, no matter how lofty they seem to be in the beginning. At Vertical Dreams, these aspirations are acted out through the therapeutic and stimulating art of indoor climbing.

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