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Moving Day Tips: An Interview with Matt Hamilton of William C. Huff Moving and Storage

Moving is overwhelming, to say the least. That's why we interviewed Matthew Hamilton, long time moving expert, of William C. Huff Moving and Storage, to learn more about moving and how to make everything go smoothly and stress free.

About William C. Huff Moving and Storage:

William C. Huff is a local moving and storage business that has been based out of Dover, NH for over 100 years. We have grown into one of the premier moving companies in the New England area as well as Naples, FL. We take great pride in offering our clients the best service available. The biggest key to most companies growth and especially the moving industry is our men/women on the road that are doing the heavy lifting. With good pay, health care, profit sharing we are able to hang on to the best men/women available. Most people look at moving as you pick things up and put them down, that is not the case. Moving a single items or a whole house there is a lot of prep work that goes into that to make sure we have taken every precaution possible. Protect the floors, door jams, stairs, carpets as well the furniture. Our staff has been trained by professionals teachers on art crating, floor protection, grandfather clock prep, and piano disassembly and reassembly.

When Should You Start Packing?

When should you start packing for your move? Now. Buying and selling homes don't happen overnight so there is a little bit of a joke in the response now. Every time you clean out your attic, garage, basement or closet you are getting closer to being ready on move day. The hardest thing to do is downsize and let go of items. Sorting and deciding what goes and doesn't go is much harder than the actual packing.

The average home should take 40-60 hours to pack. A professional moving company with good employees should be able to pack a 3-4 bedroom home in one day. A good rule is once you have your first Purchase and Sales, start packing. If you are to do your own packing it is cost efficient to you to have everything possible in a box, closed, and labeled with the location on the new home.

Should You Take Inventory of Your Items?

NO. Instead, hire a good company. Most moves are local on the truck and off the truck that same day. There is no need for an inventory to be taken if you hire the right company. William C. Huff will show up to your house with a truck that has no other clients items on it ( the truck will carry pads, dollies, tools, boxes ) and will not leave until every pad is folded and the truck is swept out. This will insure that nothing is left on the truck that belongs to that days job.

What Should be Prepared at the New Home?

At the new home there is very little that you can do to prepare for the moving truck to arrive. You will typically be at a closing or have very limited times at you new home. To prepare for you move visualize we you would like the items in the new home. If you are unable to direct traffic at the door than you could make a diagram of where you would like the items, but this is a lot of work. The best thing you can do at the new home is be there for the unload.

What About Parking?

If you are moving in a downtown area that parking is limited you will need to contact your local town hall and see what would need to be done. William C. Huff works with most towns/city's prior to move day to see what the parking is like. A home with a driveway is very easy park on the road on move day. Most local moving companies with bill by the hour, therefore the more prepared you are the quicker the day will go (Afterall, time is money).

Should You Provide Assistance to the Movers?

If you are going to hire a moving company, there is no need to provide helpers.

What About the Electricity in My Old and New Home?

You should have your electricity switch over or disconnected for the end of your move day. I don't think they shut off the electricity so all you need to do is let your electric company know you no longer own the home or apt.

Any Advice to Make the Process Smoother?

Try to use moving boxes if possible. Moving boxes come in a few sizes and allow us to pack a very even and safe truck. Preparation is the most important area to keeping you move run smoothly. As William C. Huff loves all kids and animals it is best to have less people there on move day, the door might be left open for hours and having to make sure a cat doesn't leave will take us away from making sure your move goes smoothly.

Best Way to Contact William C. Huff?

If you were interested in using William C. Huff the best way of contact is to call the office 800-247-5564. We do have a contact page on our web site, if you are calling for information or for an in house estimate make sure you call William C. Huff.

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