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Maureen Miller Yoga and Coaching: Finding Balance

By Elisha Neubauer

When you think of yoga, you will most likely think of a group of people, gathered together in a room, twisting into unique positions. But there is more to yoga than just striking a pose. Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, yoga means to unite or integrate. Although commonly referenced as an exercise, yoga is different than most exercise methods in that it contains a spiritual component that helps to lead you to explore your life with intention and meaning.

While practicing the art of yoga, students delve into many different factions- breathing techniques, mudras, Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and more- that aid the reduction of stress. In today's society, approximately 80% of doctor's visits involve stress related symptoms. Yoga helps to combat this anxiety created by societal pressures to remain busy. It is hard to create time for yourself in the world today without feeling guilty about neglecting all of your responsibilities. Yoga is a way for you to unwind and take a moment for yourself. This, in turn, will help you to create a balanced life- one of the key goals of yoga.

According to Maureen Miller, owner of Maureen Miller Yoga and Coaching, "Living mindfully and with intention can help create a more balanced life because you begin to pay attention to your choices and its effects on your body, mind, emotions, and spirit as well as in your relationships, your job, your finances, and your community." She says that deciding to take responsibility for your life will increase the likelihood that you will live a fully balanced life. "

Yoga has the ability to diminish stress through the use of specific techniques that create a positive effect on the nervous system. "Our Autonomic Nervous System has two parts: the Parasympathetic (rest and digest) and the Sympathetic (fight or flight)," says Miller.

"When we are anxious or stressed, our Sympathetic Nervous System reactions include: heart acceleration, pupil dilation, tightness in the chest, liver releases glucose, breathing constriction, and more. Yoga techniques have been proven to reduce the body and mind reactions and bring us to a state of relaxation where the Parasympathetic response includes: inhibiting the normal heart function, constricting the pupils, relaxation of the breath, and more."

At Maureen Miller Yoga and Coaching, there are several workshops and events to help you in your journey to a balanced life such as: Adjust and Assist workshops, Intuition Development Circles, Reiki, and Yoga Spa Retreats. With locations in Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth, Littleton, and Dover, Maureen Miller Yoga and Coaching strives to help you to find balance, trust your intuition, and go with the flow.

Maureen Miller Yoga and Coaching strives to help you to find balance, trust your intuition, go with the flow and discover what feeds your soul. If you'd like to more please visit their website at

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