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Massages Bring Out The Innate In You

By Jake Levin

The M & M's of relaxation are Michele Beauregard's specialty.

That's M for massage and M for meditation, which are just two of the services she provides at her healing clinic The Innate in You, located in Tilton, N.H. Beauregard is a license massage therapist, a Shamballa master teacher, and intuitive reader at The Innate in You, of which she is also the owner.

She generally deals in massages for people with chronic issues, someone who has had little luck with treatments for back pain, knee injuries, carpal tunnel and migraines from chiropractors, medical doctors or physical therapists.

"Long term stress will just add to any of these ailments," Beauregard said. "People choose to have a massage with me because they want to feel better. I intuitively tap into what the body needs, know where to go and where the pain is coming from and with the many different techniques I use, such as stretching, cupping, kinesiology taping, hot stone relief, deep tissue massage etc., I am able to provide relief and allow the body to heal the way it naturally wants to."

Beauregard's associate Elisha specializes in relaxation massage, which she said is the perfect way for somebody to come in and just let their body relax and decompress from the busy lifestyle they lead. The treatment refreshes them, with Elisha adding features such as foot and hand scrubs or face and back masks, all to help the skin exfoliate and soften.

Meditation is also a practice Beauregard preaches, alluding to its many benefits of daily practice. Clearing your mind is perhaps atop the list, which in turn leads to the other perks.

"The process allows you to quiet your mind, allowing you to get into a state of relaxation that allows your body to fully relax," Beauregard said. "Your breathing is deeper and slower. Your heart rate slows down to a healthy rate. Your mind becomes clear. The effects of this practice, especially if performed first thing in the morning, will bring on clarity, balance and a sense of calm throughout the day."

Other programs offered in the scenic setting The Innate resides in include intuitive readings, which offer predictions on your future, as well as Reiki. The practice of Reiki is a form of healing energy, Beauregard said, that allows the body and mind to relax and get in touch with one's inner self.

The Innate in You is located at 100 Autumn Dr. in Tilton. To learn more about the various programs offered, visit the retreat's website at

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