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Look at Life through a Different Lens with The SOPHA

By Elisha Neubauer

For over ten years, photographers in Manchester, New Hampshire have had a support system like no other. The Studio of Photographic Arts is a photographic resource center; it is a place where photographers can go to learn, practice, and excel in the world of photographic arts.

The membership-based photographic community offers photography classes of all subjects, studio rentals, and equipment rentals of a complete line of cameras, lenses, and lighting. While there is a membership program available, owner Bud Thorpe assures us that there are services available to the general public.

"At the heart of what we offer is a huge photo studio," explains Thorpe, "Fully equipped for the largest production to the smallest shoot." While the professional studio is a major draw to The SOPHA, it isn't all they do. In fact, Thorpe tells us that some photographers aren't looking for a studio, but rather a learning environment. "We offer classes in a range of photographic subjects, from the beginning to the most advanced, for the inner artist in everyone," he says.

Thorpe isn't exaggerating when he says they offer something for everyone. At The SOPHA, you can find classes in everything from lighting and composition to creativity and inspiration. Photographers will have the ability to capture and create images, to edit and print them. Everything an established or newbie photographer would need to meet their learning or practicing goals will be found within the walls of The SOPHA.

The establishment has been serving New Hampshire photographers for over a decade now, ensuring photographers have everything they need to pursue their art in any format they desire, whether for business, art, or anything that lies in between. "We love getting to know our area's photographers - and we are glad to schedule an individual tour of our facility for anyone who would like to learn more about SOPHA," says Thorpe.

The owner, Thorpe himself, is no stranger to the photographer industry. He has been operating in the photography industry for over 20 years now, collaborating with multiple artists on a wide range of products. In addition to be being a highly-skilled, self-taught photographer, Thorpe is an experienced instructor who has brought his mastery of the science of photography to thousands of students. Membership to The SOPHA comes in many forms: education membership, studio membership, and hybrid.

When joining with an education membership, guests get monthly photographic education programs. When joining with a studio membership, guests are granted monthly studio time. This membership comes in different levels, with each level granting different lengths of studio time per month. For those looking to combine options, the hybrid program allows a combination of both packages.

For more information please be sure to check out their website at

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