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Live Your Fantasy with Hair and Makeup Services by PYP Beauty Studio

By Marina Jokic

PYP Beauty Studio in Lowell, Mass. is not a conventional salon. Founder Shauna LeMay likes to break the mold of traditionally accepted standards of beauty. With a penchant for the macabre, LeMay has worked as a creative director for a recent calendar project titled "Looks That Kill," which incorporated a lot of classic horror elements and immersed subject and viewer in the beauty of the ghoulish, which we don't normally associate with the glamour and sometimes contrived and stylized nature of weddings. LeMay has a unique way of seeing and presenting traditionally dark themes as beautiful through using the mediums of makeup and hair styling.

PYP Beauty Studio offers run-of-the-mill salon services?regular haircut, color, and style, brush-on makeup application, and facial waxing, for example?but also fantasy horror portraits.

"We offer everything, from bridal and your typical beauty makeup applications to alternative and special effects makeup," LeMay said. "They are for anyone, even if you have never modeled before; they are a fun way for clients to explore and step out of their comfort zone, especially if they have a secret love of horror or have always wondered what it would be like to be immersed in a horror world."

Alongside hair and makeup, clients are eager to take advantage of the professional photography and portraiture at PYP. LeMay is adept at handling traditional images, but is especially drawn to the more eccentric projects.

"It doesn't have to be over the top either; it can be as simple or over the top as the client would like," she said.

For LeMay, it's fun to work with novices to the macabre genre, especially because of their genuine fascination with original themes and storylines. Photoshoots involving special effects makeup typically take about four hours to complete. PYP's onsite hairstyling and makeup are especially popular with brides, whether they be dressed in black or white.

"PYP Beauty Studio does its absolute best to meet your needs, [and] not every person or [his or her] needs is the same," LeMay said.

In that regard, PYP has mastered the ability to customize their services to match a client's vision as closely as possible. One of the challenges of applying special effects makeup is that it's a very intensive process in terms of time and effort. Of course, that is also one of the challenges that draws LeMay to this kind of profession.

"So many of our best moments are the smiles on the faces of our brides when they look in the mirror, the relationships and friendships you can create with your clients, and the beautiful art we create together," she said.

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