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Keeping and Spreading the Faith at Faith Community Church's Bible-Based Community

By Marina Jokic

Church pastor Tim Lewis describes the mission and role of the institution as centered on preaching the Gospel and instructing people to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. "Our goal is to teach people how they can act like Jesus by using the Bible as their authority," says Lewis. A guiding principle that Lewis employs in his sermons is instructing Christians how best to serve God's ministry and work.

Not widely known is the fact that the Baptist doctrine has fiercely advocated for freedom of thought and the separation of church and state?two qualities that have made it appealing for many. Additionally, Baptists believe that an individual can enter into direct relationship with Christ without the need for a mediator?a principle called the priesthood of the believer. Another critical precept observed by Baptists is individual soul liberty, which dictates that a person cannot be forced into any religious belief.

For those who choose to immerse themselves in the Baptist creed and way of life, Faith Community Church is a convivial and accommodating community of believers who glorify God and strive to enter into a personal relationship with him. Lewis points out that the church seeks to preserve traditional worship in their services as a way to revere God in accordance with centuries-old religious customs.

Music is an important aspect of the weekly service; members sing traditional hymns to venerate God's character and teachings. Through song and prayer, the congregation comes together and experiences the divine presence, says Lewis. "We take time in bringing our requests before the Lord, praying for church members, government, and missions," Lewis underlines.

Through praying for the wellbeing and benefit of others, people learn to embrace the true spirit of Christianity. Lewis says that he tries to focus his sermons on scripture and not preach about current events and controversial or "hot button" issues. Conveying the true message of Christ is at the core of Lewis' sermons. "In our Sunday morning worship service, we examine the Scriptures verse by verse, one book of the Bible at a time," he says.

Faith Community Church is dedicated to thanking Veterans of the New Hampshire seacoast for their military service through special prayers and events. The building that houses the church is the American Legion Post 35 of the Hamptons. On Veteran's Day each year, the church hosts a special breakfast to honor members of Post 35 and their families.

Last but not least, the church engages in global missionary work. Faith Community Church itself is a missionary work started under the Gospel Fellowship Association of Greenville, South Carolina in 2010. In those six years, Lewis and his congregation have worked to become a self-sustaining church. The focus of their missionary work is to establish more churches and spread the Gospel. Some of the recent destinations of missionaries include Zambia, South Africa, Cameroon, and Costa Rica.

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