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Jen's Friends is There During Your Time of Need with Assistance, Support, and Vital Resources

By Elisha Neubauer

As many patients can attest, Cancer is a horrific diagnosis. It shakes the very core of your life, changing everything in an instant. But, apart from the complicated medical procedures and costly treatment plans, a cancer diagnosis has yet another impact, one that is often overlooked: cost of living.

Depending on the type and severity of the cancer, the treatment plan to fight this diagnosis can be quite time consuming. Frequent trips to the doctor, visits to specialists, which are sometimes located far away, and severe side effects often lead to people having to quit their jobs in order to care for themselves, a parent, spouse, or child. Sure, insurance helps to pay for treatment, but how does a family endure a loss of income due to the frequency of appointments and side effects?

Add in expensive medicine and skyrocketing insurance premiums and co-pays and the complications of a cancer diagnosis become even more expansive than anyone would think.

For residents of the Mount Washington Valley area, Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation lends a helping hand -- a little support for the effects the household feels from such a diagnosis.

"We assist clients with their day-to-day living expenses while they are going through treatments as well as council them with other avenues of assistance that may be available," explains Wendy Holmes, President of Jen's Friends. Their assistance comes in many, much needed forms, such as grocery cards and gas cards to help get to and from treatments. They provide aid with utility bills, rent, mortgage payments, and many other avenues. Each client's needs vary and, at Jen's Friends, they take every case into account separately.

"Someone from our Disbursement Committee touches base with our clients each month and reassesses their needs," states Holmes. The organization is currently assisting 65 Cancer patients and their families and spends approximately $17,000 each month.

Another avenue in which Jen's Friends lends a helping hand to those in need is by providing a monthly Cancer support group, led by Ruthann Fabrizio and other board members.

The organization is operated by a team of volunteers and is completely community-based. All funds raised by events go directly to the clients. One of the volunteers, a local man, takes care of all of the company's overhead costs, such as insurance, phone bills, website costs, and postage, leaving every penny raised by Jen's Friends to go back to the people who need it the most.

Currently, to ensure adequate funds for the community, the organization only accepts cases located in the SAU #9 School District and SAD 72 just over the border in Maine.

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