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It's More Than 'Just CrossFit' at Nashua's CrossFit TUFF

By Elisha Neubauer

By now, you're sure to have heard of CrossFit- an exercise phenomenon that incorporates different principles from many unique, high-intensity workout formats. At CrossFit TUFF, a strength and conditioning facility located in Nashua, instructors focus on getting top results for everyone- from beginners to the most advanced of CrossFitters.

So what makes CrossFit so popular? "CrossFit has steadily risen to the top of the current fitness world, and I believe it's because of two things: community and results," says John Duncan, owner of CrossFit TUFF. "A huge motivator is that you are surrounded by others who are there investing just as much energy as you are, both physical and emotional."

CrossFit TUFF also presents a results-driven program, allowing you to measure your progress easily, which is a huge draw for most participants. "Programming is universally scalable to any level of fitness, and coaching is focused on technique, consistency and intensity," explains Duncan.

So, what makes it "TUFF?" Duncan explains, "Here at CrossFit TUFF we have lots of different specialties; we don't 'just CrossFit.' Part of founder Greg Glassman's philosophy of training is to 'Regularly learn and play new sports.'" To follow his vision, Duncan's facility has instituted many different options for its members, including boot camp classes, Strongman and Strong(Wo)man training and events, powerlifting competitions, and even adventure, mud, and endurance races. Every month, CrossFit TUFF is also involved in charity fitness events.

At CrossFit TUFF, focus on members does not end when the session does. Duncan and staff consider the facility to be more than just a gym. "Our members are the backbone of our facility," he explains. "We grow because of their love for a healthy lifestyle, and our community expands because all their friends and family see the results they get!"

A positive and supportive environment helps to encourage better results, higher frequency visits, and continued attendance, maximizing the results you can achieve. "People are positive and happy to help new members of the gym because we all remember how daunting the initial journey can be," says Duncan.

For many people, getting and staying in shape has long been a challenge. However, support and encouragement, coupled with experienced trainers and engaging workout routines, make that challenge a little easier to tackle. Duncan says, "If you are a newbie to fitness, or even a gym rat, and you have been on the fence about CrossFit, come on down and give us a try- we promise you won't be disappointed!"

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