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Important Home Features to Look For: An Interview with Dave Lauze of DWL Builders

By Dave Lauze

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Our company Moto tells it all, "Enduring Quality and Value" Go to our website and click on "About Us" and you will get the answers to this question. We build from $190,000 dollar homes to $1.8M dollar homes. There is not one market we don't build for.

Can you briefly talk about the role that the surrounding community plays in a new home?

I THINK THE SURROUNDING COMMUNITY CAN PLAY A BIG ROLE . GOOD SCHOOL SYSTEMS ARE HUGE FOR YOUNG GENERATION. THEY HAVE BEEN TO COLLEGE AND HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE, AS IT IS A MUST TODAY. SO THEY WANT TO LIVE IN A COMMUNITY THAT HAS GREAT SCHOOL SYSTEMS AND A SAFE COMMUNITY FOR THEIR CHILDREN. The Community has to reach out and get new home buyers involved in their community with being active on local boards or just doing volunteer work for the community. They want to feel a part of where they live. Community Colleges are great to have for young and older families.

What are some of the most popular home features that people in New Hampshire are looking for?

This depends on the generation you are marketing to. Young generation want plenty of bedrooms, open floor concept, nice yard for the young children to play in. They want kitchens that offer entertaining designs and efficiency. By that I mean Big Islands to entertain their friends, and place for the young kids to use. Energy efficient homes are top of their list. Well insulated, Energy Star rated homes. State of the art products and technology features.

The Baby Boomers (which is our very strongest market right now) want all one floor level. Place for kids to stay when they come visit, and the open concept floor plan. They like 3 car garages, or walk out basements for a garage. They have toys they need space to store, for that they have had a very long time. They want user friendly access to the house now and in the next 10-15 years as they get older. By that I mean 3' doors to the Master bedroom, to the master bath. They want user friendly door hardware. They want provisions for grab bars down the road. They want their life to be easier and user friendly. They want it just right, as they say," this is their last purchase". We are constantly upgrading their plans to what they personally want for a layout they want to their needs. They want energy efficiency and back -up power generators. They want the convenience they couldn't have before when raising their families. We are Custom Builders to all markets. We modify all plans to what that one particular buyer wants in their new home.

What tips can you give to people who are new to the area and ready to buy a home?

The best tip I can give to people who are new to the area is look for the location to your everyday needs. Location to and from work, schools, shopping are key. Most of all speak to the local building inspector. Ask him about the particular builder you are interested in building your home. He or She will give you opinion of just the builder you are asking. He will not give preference from one to the other. He will tell you of what type of Builder you are thinking of hiring. ALSO, best way is ask people is in the neighborhood of their experience building a new home with that builder. I have sold many, many of homes because of this. When I first meet a potential buyer, I urge them to go speak to the people living in the neighborhood.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company? 603-658-5550

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