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Home Inspections Importance with Scott Simpson of Reeds Ferry Home Inspections

By Scott Simpson

For most people a home is the single largest investment they will ever make. It is important that they have an understanding of the condition of the home and its systems. A Home Inspector is paid to inspect, and provide an unbiased report on the condition of the home and its systems.

The information that the home inspection provides gives the buyer the information that they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Please tell us a little bit about your business

I started Reeds Ferry Home Inspections LLC, while working as a Fire Department Shift Captain for the Town of Merrimack NH.

Working as a fire officer I really enjoyed the investigation and discovery that was involved with finding the causes of smoke in a building, gas leaks, carbon monoxide calls etc. Over the course of thousands of calls for service, I became intimately familiar with homes and their systems and what goes wrong with them. Writing fire and emergency medical reports gave me the skills to write detailed accurate reports quickly. This experience combined with part time work including building maintenance, renovating, roofing, and flooring provided me with the basic information needed to start as a home inspector.

I have now retired from the Fire Department and am working as a full time home inspector. As a home inspector I enjoy meeting and talking with clients, investigating and reporting on the condition of homes, and providing clients with the information that they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Why do you believe it's important for homeowners to inspect their homes?

A home inspection provides homeowners/buyers with information about the actual condition of the home. This information is useful in preparing a budget for maintenance or repair of their home.

Often home inspectors find issues that can be resolved relatively inexpensively before they become major expenses.

What are the 3 problems that usually go unnoticed, that are a quick fix for homeowners?

Three common issues frequently found during a home inspection are:

  • Inadequate smoke detectors in the home. Generally speaking there should be a smoke detector on each level of the home and one in each bedroom.
  • Minor plumbing leaks: Small leaks are often ignored by homeowners but can lead to major damage over time.
  • Electrical receptacles and junction boxes with no covers are a frequent finding and are very inexpensive to rectify.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

I can be reached by phone at 603-682-6639, or by email at, check out my website at

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