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Higher Vibration Massage & Wellness Brings To You a Higher State of Relaxation

By Elisha Neubauer

For those in Kennebunk, Maine who are experiencing pain from muscle aches, injuries, or simply just stress, there is a helping hand available literally. Kathryn Cooper, owner and massage therapist at Higher Vibration Massage & Wellness, has been in the industry since 2011 working in various places from spa's to chiropractic offices gaining knowledge and experience. She can handle it all from a wide range of muscular dysfunctions to stress relief and relaxation.

"Massage is about continual body maintenance and a perfect way to alleviate stress," Cooper said.

According to Cooper, a large majority of work industries encourage incorrect posture, which increases muscle atrophy and tightness. When muscles atrophy and tighten the surrounding connective tissue, called fascia, causes pain and restricts blood flow.

"Massage is beneficial to help recorrect these unhealthy occurrences in the muscles on a regular basis that fit client needs," Cooper said.

When looking to correct long-term problems and combat continual stress, finding the right practitioner is important. You need an experienced massage therapist who can create a personalized treatment plan that will target your specific needs. Massage is a great way to get back in tune with your body, helping you recognize where your body may need focused support.

"I like to take an integrative approach to helping people relieve stress and offer a wide range of therapies for people to try," Cooper said. "As I become more familiar with my customers on a more personal level, I may be able to recommend de-stressing therapies that my clients may be able to experience greater relaxation and create a more effective customizable self-care plan."

At Higher Vibration, Cooper is using a mix of massage therapy techniques and unique essential oils to create a truly higher experience. Adding essential oils to her sessions helps to support all of the body systems and eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals.

"Essential oils can also help release negative emotions and create a strong grounding effect," she said.

Cooper is passionate about her work. She believes that working with her clients is like working a puzzle as she attempts to understand and comprehend where there's pain and why as she seeks to help her clients heal and create balance within the body.

"My mission is to leave you in a better state of being, I would like to help people along their journey have less pain and stress in their lives," Cooper said. "I want to help people move toward a healthier lifestyle so they may be able to achieve their life's purpose."

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