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Get A Massage, In Your Living Room With Heals On Wheels

By Elisha Neubauer

What's better than a massage therapist? A massage therapist that comes to your door!

Massage therapy has dozens of health and wellbeing benefits. It Increases circulation and decreases blood pressure, increases range of motion, and helps strengthen your immune system. Regular massage can help relieve chronic headaches and migraines, and improve sleep. It relieves stress, decreases anxiety and depression, eases muscle pain, and can even counteract postural dysfunction.

But, of course, it can also help reduce stress and, let's face it, just feels great.

While these benefits are great, it can be hard to get to a spa or therapist's office with a busy schedule. Sometimes, immobility or health concerns render you unable to venture out.

Katie Adjutant, owner of Heals on Wheels

For residents of Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, finding time to go get a massage is a thing of the past. Now, thanks to Heals on Wheels, the massage comes to you.

"I became a massage therapist because I too suffer from neck and back pain because of a curved spine due to a car accident and I want to help people live with less pain and stress," Adjutant said. "I went mobile in order to treat people who may otherwise not be able to leave home due to immobilization."

When working on a session with a client, Adjutant keeps lines of constant communication open with her clients. This allows her to help them decrease the long-term pain they have been suffering from by adjusting her massage techniques as needed. This ensures her clients get the appropriate treatment for their ailment. Many times, it can require several sessions and, often, a regular schedule.

"In most cases, one treatment isn't enough to get someone back to where they need to be," Adjutant said. "Once the client is feeling back to normal, they should stay on a maintenance plan to avoid recurring injury, whether it be once or twice a month or once every other month."

Adjutant listens to her clients. Over the years, she has discovered that truly listening, genuinely hearing what they have to say, helps improve the treatments. Because of this, her sessions are customized. She won't do the same routine for two clients. Everyone's needs are different.

"I listen to my clients during intake and collaboratively develop a plan of treatment that will help them get back on their feet and be able to function the way they should," she said.

For clients who don't feel comfortable with a therapist coming into their home, Heals On Wheels also offers an in-office option, from the brick and mortar location in Wolfeboro.

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