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Fly, Surf, or Climb: SkyVenture Packs a Combination of Thrills in Nashua

By Paul Rowe

SkyVenture New Hampshire completely immerses visitors in the world of high adventure skydiving, without ever having to pack a parachute, pull a ripcord, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Featuring a state of the art indoor vertical wind tunnel, SkyVenture creates the same feeling as skydiving outside without the sensation of falling: you simply float above the trampoline floor with ease.

"Indoor skydiving creates the same feeling as skydiving outside," says SkyVenture's Laurie Greer. "The motors in the wind tunnel move air at an average rate of 120 plus miles an hour through the flight chamber, giving you the same feeling as the sky? The only difference is the view!"

"Surf's Up," SkyVenture's own indoor surfing facility, just happens to be the largest indoor surfing facility in North America, and the world's first standing wave machine offering up to seven different wave types for all skill levels to enjoy. Riders use real surfboards with fins on a thick cushion of water that creates an endless wave.

"The surf machine is much safer than the ocean," says Greer. "We have no sharks, no reef, and no riptides!"

Before gearing up for a surf session, riders learn how to ride the big one from professional instructors during their safety training sessions. Each rider is fitted with a helmet, knee, and elbow pads before hitting the water.

Surf's Up has a water temperature of 85 degrees, so it's fun to surf any time of the year. "You can take all of the things that you learn here to the ocean if you don't mind surfing in cold water," says Greer. For those who want to catch some waves without surfing, there is also boogie boarding available.

Another big attraction here is "The Fishpipe," a new and unique water ride where you slide farther than the world's longest water-slide. While riding you stay in the bottom of a barrel that rotates around you.

With 2 or 3 riders inside, they slip and slide together, frontwards, backwards, or sideways. The ball spins the length of four and a half football fields and accelerates up to 19 mph in 90 seconds. The riders get to control the speeds in which they ride, guaranteeing that each rider has an enjoyable experience.

With fantastic attractions like these, it's hard to pick just one from the bunch. SkyVenture offers combo packages for thrill-seekers who want it all, be it flying, surfing, rock climbing, or dining under the palms of SkyVenture's own tropical oasis. It's always an adventure.

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