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Find Yourself In Your Workout At Individual Fitness

By Elisha Neubauer

We, as people, all operate differently. What motivates one may not motivate another. Methods that work for you may not work for your friend or loved one. To simplify it, no two people are alike.

Individual Fitness, located in Concord, New Hampshire, believes everyone should be their own person, even in the gym.

"Our Fitness Program begins by helping our clients establish a starting point," Jim Olson, founder and CEO, said. "We evaluate where they are at when they come to us through our doors."

They dig deep with each client, finding what fears or oppositions have been holding them back from accomplishing their goals. To determine their starting point, Individual Fitness will set up the client with a strength test, a cardiovascular test, and a nutritional journal. This helps everyone involved to evaluate where the client sits and they are able to begin building the foundation for their workout plan.

"We make sure they exercise safely and effectively to reach their goals, and to prevent injury," Olson said. "It isn't about going from zero to one hundred, it's about taking the time to get the results in a realistic, attainable, time frame."

As a team, Individual Fitness motivates, educates, and supports each client on their journey. This includes in-the-moment coaching and holding them accountable so that they are able to hit the goals they have set for themselves.

"We help them find the time to fit eating right and exercising into their schedules and become part of their lifestyle," Olson said.

When it comes to setting goals, Individual Fitness understands that everyone is different. There is no cookie cutter, out of the box goals set. Rather, every plan is tailored specifically to each client based on their needs and base level. They are safe, reasonable goals that still allow room for the client to have a little fun along the way.

"We believe in the client while it takes them time for them to believe in themselves," Olson said.

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