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Find Health and Spiritual Wisdom at J.O.Y. Wellness

By Marina Jokic

A beginner's mind is a beautiful thing according to Jennifer Williams, owner of J.O.Y. Wellness in Salem, NH. Being physically receptive to new poses is crucial to mastering yoga. Letting go of preconceived notions about your physical abilities and going beyond habitual movements are crucial aspects of your yoga journey. Williams has been practicing yoga and Reiki for over 15 years, having taught many different clients who possessed varying degrees of physical fitness and health.

"A beginner's mind is one of being present and having no expectations," Williams said. "The advice I would give to a beginner yoga practitioner is to remember to [breathe] and trust the signals your body is giving you."

The signal could be to either sink deeper into a particular posture or to release it and take a rest. To Williams, the mat is akin to a mini-universe where everything unfolds at the right time regardless of what you are being taught by the teacher. Wherever you happen to be in your yogic journey, it is exactly right for you at that moment and there is no reason to rush yourself. By listening to your body while following the teacher's guidance, you will gradually start to feel like you are beginning to grasp the essence of yoga. Williams expresses what J.O.Y. means to her.

"J.O.Y. is egoless yoga and yoga teacher training, we practice as one, [it] is artful and skillful massage therapy and Reiki, [it] is full sensory experience [and] unity through meditation," Williams said. "J.O.Y. is holistic education and training [and] a mirror of peace reflecting out into the world, inviting the world to look back to see [joy] within."

Similar to the meditative practices taught at the J.O.Y. studio, at its core, Reiki represents deep energy work. Reiki is well known around the world as a therapeutic body and mind practice, which is also used in many hospitals pre- and post-surgery. With more than a decade of experience in Reiki, Williams views it as essentially a method of calming the nervous system and rebalancing the body.

"When the body reaches this balance, it naturally shifts into a state that promotes healing, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well," she said. "I have worked with many clients, and each one has a different experience ranging from deep restful relaxation to profound emotional release and healing."

In addition to its group classes, J.O.Y. also offers the workplace program "JOY Off the Mat" that provides corporate lessons and team building exercises led by qualified, veteran instructors. A great way to boost productivity and employee health, "JOY Off the Mat" is an interactive workplace wellness consulting that can be purchased for the entire office.

Williams also points out the Women's Monthly Circle group which encourages group meditation and spiritual healing in a female-only environment. Thanks to a powerful and intentional focusing of one's energy, participants can recognize their connection to all living things.

"I'd say the healing arts have not changed my life, but have unfolded a path for me to remember who I am at a very deep level of being," Williams said. "In remembering who I am at a soul level [a little more with each meditation], I am able to recognize my purpose of bringing peace into the world."

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