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Everything you need to know about Irrigation System:an Interview with Jason Burgess of Green World LLC

By Jason Burgess

Please describe the background of your company and your qualifications.

Green World LLC has been a household name since the 1970s. Green World specializes in fertilizing and irrigation services. All employees have been immersed in training and all fertilizer applicators have been properly licensed by the state of New Hampshire. Jason Burgess is a 26-year-old entrepreneur that has purchased Green World after managing the company since 2009. Burgess has successfully taken care of thousands of lawns in the Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts regions. He has obtained a supervisory license from the State of New Hampshire, which is the highest licensing available, and also has completed the "Turf grass and Pest Control" program through Purdue University. Burgess was recently the commencement speaker at the Mount Washington College Graduation where he received his degree in business graduating as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Derek Vater is the irrigation manager for Green World and has been in the irrigation field since 1999. He has installed hundreds of irrigation systems as well as upgraded systems to be more efficient and specializes in cost savings for our customers. Under Burgess' leadership, Green World has found itself growing through this recession. "Catching a customer's vision and delivering that vision through integrity and honesty is the way that Green World has been able to grow. Our advertising costs are low because we depend on our quality workmanship and the customers referrals to advertise for us." The mission of Green World is "We grow lawns, relationships and value in our community."

What are some of the benefits of installing an irrigation system in a lawn?

A healthy lawn needs to be watered on a regular basis.

Grass is a plant that requires 1.5-2". The watering schedule depends on the amount of water the turf has received that week. Irrigation systems help increase property values by 15-20%.

What are some things homeowners can do to conserve water and limit the amount of times they use their irrigation system?

Like everything else, the irrigation industry has become more technologically advanced. Today's market offers many options for the consumer who wishes to control their watering systems by way of the internet. There are timers that have the ability to be turned on and off from a cell phone hundreds of miles away. These systems allow the everyday user to control their water usage and make sure that the irrigation system is working properly, without leaking systems or over-watering lawns.

Are there any features to your irrigation systems that prevent over-watering?

It is not uncommon for leaking irrigation heads to go unnoticed. Sometimes the water is just being absorbed into the soil and not properly watering the turfgrass as needed. Green World offers a three step irrigation program. Spring start up includes a complete analysis of the system. Each zone is turned on, the heads are adjusted or replaced if necessary and the program is set by our professionals. Step two is the summer check. The heat of the summer is when the grass needs water the most. To ensure that the lawn doesn't go into summer dormancy through a lack of water, each irrigation head is checked to make sure that the correct amount of water is being delivered as needed. Step three is winterizing the system. A compressor is used to blow the water out of the irrigation system to ensure that there isn't any water in the system over the winter months. This is a vital step because if there is water left in the system over the winter, the water will freeze and expand and cause damage to the system making it inoperable for the upcoming season.

What time should you water?

Watering between 4-7 A.M. will deliver the best results. At certain times in the heat of the summer it is wise to put on an evening run time of just the zones that the soil temperature is the hottest due to a high amount of sun exposure. Sometimes turf above a septic tank will burn out in the summer time, one of our strategies is to add a run time for that zone of 5-10 minutes in the evening to cool the soil temperatures in the heat of the summer. Over watering or watering during the evening hours may cause fungus activity to spread throughout the lawn.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Check us out online at -Office Email

(603) 329-6155- Office Number

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