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East-West Massage Helps Clients Bypass Prescription Pain Management

By Kelly Church

With the belief that pain medications are over prescribed for treatable conditions, Deidre Cleveland started East-West Massage. Her Derry massage business helps clients manage pain and rehabilitate in a healthy way.

Deidre has a Master's degree from the University of Kansas with an emphasis on administrative and psychological effects of injury. She uses her massage therapy business to help treat her clients' pain from sports or work injuries, car accidents, and overworked muscles. Her background in physical therapy, athletic training, and sports medicine, as well as her past injuries, make her uniquely qualified to treat sports-related pain.

"After an injury, your body can become imablanced," Deidre said. "You have had to use other areas of your body to compensate for the injured area and your body had adjusted to it. In order to prevent your whole body from winding up imbalanced it's important to address the muscles that have been overworked and get them back to homeostasis, or your body's natural balance."

Deidre said much of the body's pain, even when injury-free, can be associated with trigger points that contract and the body doesn't experience relief until these points are released. Trigger points are contracted muscle tissue. They can cause localized pain, or even cause pain in unrelated parts of the body. Deidre said that when certain trigger points are activated they can cause pain in areas of the body where they located

"By telling your therapist where the pain is, they can have an idea of where the pain is coming from before they even touch you," Deidre said. "It is important to realize that all massage therapists are not specialists in pain and injury. You should specifically look for a therapeutic massage therapist. Generally, they will be located in clinical settings, rather than spas and will provide a deep treatment that will help you feel amazing."

Helping clients feel relief from their pain, injury related or not, is what motivates Deidre every day. From a young age, Deidre knew she had a gift of touch and the desire to help people who were in pain. After many years of education she was able to open East-West Massage.

East-West Massage is located inside the Beckley Family Chiropractic office. For appointments or additional information, call 603-674-2486 or email Deidre at

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