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Deciding Between Carpet and Hardwood Flooring

By Ben Levy

Deciding on whether or not to go with the plush, soft and comfortable feel of carpet over and above the clean, slick and easily maintained hardwood floor for your second floor is not something to be taken lightly. Implications are not only aesthetic but run also to the practicality as well as the livability of both floor surfaces.

The cost of carpeting is going to appeal to the "economy stretched" budget, but if you're looking to up the resale value of your home then hard wood floors would be well worth the greater initial investment, as more and more people are looking for these types of floors. If, however, you're looking to be in your house a while, other things can quickly complicate the matter.

If you have bustling youngsters and are planning to nestle them upstairs, then the noise factor of hardwood floors will make you rue the day you decided to go with that nice pine! Temperature can also be an issue with wooden floors for small bare feet, but for the normal wear, tear and messiness of children's playing wooden floors can be a "God send" for clean up!

Remember, you can always thrown down a rug in these types of situations either for accents or simply to help warm the trip out of bed to the doorway. Carpet, aside from having the economic incentives, are definitely the more comfortable choice. And if it wasn't for the dust mites, stains, and occasional carpet burns, then the choice to go with carpet would be a no brainer. Carpet can also come in color coordinating colors if your personality doesn't dictate a bland white or gray tapestry. If you're thinking of installing it yourself, carpet would be an easier choice for those with less of a construction background.

This choice will really be determined by your situation. Will you be selling soon? Do you have kids/pets? Or are you just looking for a change? Do some research on pricing your favorite colors and floor types before making your decision, but first and foremost have a great time doing it!

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