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Custom-Built Robots for Your Business with this Hampton Based Company

By Kelly Church

Specializing in robotic technology that streamlines other business' processes, Mikrolar is the secret weapon to outside companies' success. Located in Hampton, NH, Mikrolar works with expert mechanical, electrical and software engineers to imagine and build robotic solutions that primarily assist welding companies in preventing errors on the line.

Mikrolar President Michael Fortier says the company is small, but creates big, impactful robots.

"Mikrolar is a ten-person company, located about three miles from Hampton Beach," Fortier says. "We have grown to ten people and we have installed robots all over the globe. Essentially, we are ten geeks in a room trying to solve problems with robots and we love it."

Mikrolar has notably built robots for NASA, helping the government agency properly align mirrors in the new James Webb Space Telescope. There is another NASA project with Mikrolar that simulates the absence of gravity in order to test repairs and refueling of satellites in space. Fortier's team also built a robot to test the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System, a noninvasive alternative procedure to remove cancerous and non-cancerous tumors in the body.

"On the floor right now we are building systems for the railway industry and the steelmaking industry, we are developing another machine for NASA and developing a couple of different robots for simulating natural motion, like the motion a ship would see on the ocean," Fortier says.

"We recently installed robots for underground drilling applications and testing ultrasonic welding and cutting. We should have another medical research robot being built shortly and a whole lot of other cool projects that we just can't talk about yet."

For companies seeking robotic help, Mikrolar can custom design a robot for any business to allow the machine to fit seamlessly into production and eliminate issues.

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