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Creating a Home Garden: An Interview with Scott Blundo of Rustic Stone & Garden Design, LLC

By Scott Blundo

Why do stones and plants/flowers work together in your designs?

I think flowers and stones fall in the category of opposites attracting. There is the hard, resilient stone which is never changing from season to season and year to year. In contrast, the plants and flowers are generally soft and ever changing. I always try to incorporate stones in my gardens and plant material to show off my gardens.

How do you incorporate stones within something like a vegetable garden?

First off, I am a huge fan of the raised garden bed. I am not a big fan of digging, so the raised bed allows me to bring in all new dirt to ensure there is just the soil I want. It is also a wonder on the back and knees when weeding and tending the garden. As you might guess my raised bed is supported by small retaining walls. At my home, we now have cucumbers trickling down the stone wall. It is very cool!!

Can the same be said of incorporating stones with flower beds?

Yes, I certainly do use raised bed, but I also use feature stones within gardens. Flower gardens can get busy. Perennials can grow and grow to the point they take over. Weeds are always a problem. The feature stones will prevent some of this. I use flat stones within the garden as stepping stones for weeding and tending. I also use some attractive stones, which act as a backdrop for favorite flowers, while preventing creep of perennials.

In what ways do you bring flowers into your stone work designs?

I guess the best way to answer that is to paint a couple pictures for you. In early spring, who doesn't admire a stonewall with daffodils or tulips showing themselves off. Or in the fall, I know for me, I get the same feeling seeing that old stonewall with chrysanthemums in front and a couple pumpkins on top. Just a few flowers will really make a difference. You can also anchor a stonewall with a beautiful flowering shrub or tree.

I also love to incorporate flowers and herbs in my exterior designs. At the periphery of patios, but within the patio, I like to omit a few pieces of bluestone or pavers and plant herbs. It is such a great spot for herbs, because the patio often has cooking and eating associated with it and these small growing areas allows the herbs to thrive.

Anything else to add?

I really feel like flowers and stones are a match. Here in the northeast, we experience short growing seasons. I have to believe that the warmth of the stones, which heat through the day, give back some of that heat at night to plants that are adjacent. In any case, you will be on the right course if you put some flowers with your stones and some stones within your gardens.

Best way to contact you?

Scott F. Blundo
Rustic Stone & Garden Design, LLC
36 Dow Road
Moultonborough, NH 03254
(603) 393-0749

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