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Common Interior Designer Dilemmas with Patty Kennedy of Patty Kennedy Interiors

By Patricia Kennedy

Company and it's foundation:

I started my firm in 2004 while living in Manhattan and after attending the New York School of Interior Design and working as a designer for Maurice-Villency, a high-end contemporary furnishings retailer.

Over time, friends and acquaintances became aware of my work and when I received three projects simultaneously, I knew it was time to start my own company.

The preferred style of most NYC residents trends towards contemporary interiors and the resources available to designers in the city is unsurpassed. It's a hotbed of creativity where inspiration can be found everywhere you look. Just walking by store window displays starts your creative gears turning.

While growing up in New England, I was surrounded by colonial and traditional style houses and it was exciting to expand into a totally new aesthetic.

Both experiences have shaped the style that I gravitate towards today a combination of modern and classic to create fresh, energetic and unexpected interiors.

Most common decorating mistakes:

I think sometimes people underestimate the power of a blank wall or tabletop. When a group of items or art frames are clustered together as a unit, it's important to let the eye rest between these clusters.

Also, most artwork is hung too high. Eye level is 60" from the floor to the center of an individual frame or group of frames. Even if you have super high ceilings the rule still applies in most cases.

Tips for themes, color, furnishings for a young child's room

Stay away from themed wallpaper at all costs. There's nothing more frustrating (and costly!) than to install "Superman" wallpaper and then learn your child has switched allegiance to "Batman." Removable decals are a much better choice and can be switched without damaging the wall surface. Also, use lots of white and bright colors which evoke a happy place to play and spend time. Be sure to leave a nice large space in the center of the room to place a soft colorful rug. It allows their imagination to soar when they can spread their toys out all around.

Combined living & dining spaces

Typically, combined dining and living spaces are quite spacious. I like to treat everything as one room using neutral tones (white, grey, tan) throughout and then using accent colors to tie the rooms together. Obviously, furnishings and accessories would also be treated in the same manner.

If you can only afford to do one room, my advice is to scale-down your preferences or wait until you have the funds to do them together.


I think creative types see possibilities for their craft in everything they encounter. My favorite inspiration is visiting ethnic or artistic neighborhoods in large cities. The sights, smells, and sounds are stimulating because you don't encounter them every day. Another great source of inspiration are the design centers? The D&D Building and 200 Lexington in Manhattan, The Merchandise Mart in Chicago and the Boston Design Center are filled with the most beautiful fabrics, furnishings, lighting, tiles, and all things design oriented. I'm usually exhausted after a full day's visit because there's so much to see.

Personal design secrets

While I truly enjoy working with all client personalities, my absolute favorite is to work with someone who is not afraid to step outside their comfort zone and take a few "risks" with their projects. It never fails that the concept that they were afraid of at first, ended up being their favorite when the project was completed.

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