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Choosing the Best Interior Designer For You: An Interview with Alice Williams of Alice Williams Interiors

By Alice Williams

Choosing the right interior designer that matches your style and understands what you want can be very tricky. That's why we sat down with Alice Williams of Alice Williams Interiors to learn more about what makes a great interior designer and how to make sure you've hired the right one.

Tell Us About Alice Williams Interiors:

I started Alice Williams Interiors in October of 2011 after several jobs and careers that all led to my love of interior design and my desire to collaborate with clients to enhance their living spaces. I enjoy both the creative design aspect of my job, as well as being a small business owner. My studio and office are located at 50 Greensboro Road in Hanover, where I show furniture and furnishings. My work is supported by my assistant, Kylee Ivany.

My mission is to create beautiful living environments that fit and reflect each client, their style, and their home. Each project is a full collaboration with the client's tastes, needs and resources carefully considered and kept firmly in mind.

What Services do You Provide?

Alice Williams Interiors provides a wide range of services, from choosing a new rug or reupholstering a favorite chair to complete new construction planning or renovation work. I am equally inspired and adept at providing an original design plan as I am reworking existing products in your home. I sell a carefully considered, broad range of products that will appeal to a wide variety of styles and price points.

3 Qualities Interior Designers MUST Possess:

  1. The ability to listen to each individual client while creating their space.
  2. The ability to create spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and highly functional.
  3. The ability to manage each client's budget and schedule.

Ideal Client and Interior Designer Relationship?

My ideal relationship with a client is one of collaboration. The ability to listen to ideas, use our imagination and make decisions together. My job is to edit the world of home styles and furnishings and guide the client to the best of their style. Working with someone who is clear on both what they like and what they don't like is really helpful!

How Do You Insure You Know What Your Client Wants?

Asking lots of questions, and then carefully listening to the answers. Also, looking at images together can be very helpful.

What Should a Client Ask Their Interior Designer Beforehand?

Homeowners should ask an interior designer to see their portfolio and to provide them with references. The client should ask how involved they will be in the decision making process. Also, ask the interior designer how their fees work and how they will be clear about costs and staying within budget and on schedule.

Legal Issues Clients Should Know About?

Homeowners should make sure that the designer is insured and that any sub- contractors that they hire for the job are also insured.

What is Your Design Philosophy?

Designing spaces that truly suit each customer and are the best expression of their style is my passion. I believe interiors should be sensitive to the architecture of the house and its surrounding environment, while simultaneously being an expression of its inhabitants. This must be done in conjunction with the way the homeowners lives in the space. Style and function are equally important!

What's the Best Way for New Clients to Contact You?

My landline is (603) 277-9361, but the nature of my work has me and my assistant out of the office quite frequently, so calling my cellphone or sending an email are always encouraged methods of reaching me. My cell phone number is (603) 616-8996 and my email is

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