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Brick Home vs. Wood Home: Pros and Cons

By Tiffany Raiford

There are pros and cons to every decision. When it comes to purchasing or building a home in New Hampshire, however, the pros and cons associated with brick homes vs. wood homes are a little more subjective. While there are several advantages and drawbacks to both, the decision is one you'll have to make before you finalize your future living arrangements.

Pros of a Brick Home

Brick is, traditionally, a great selling point in any home. In fact, many real estate brokers suggest that brick practically sells itself. It's lovely, it ages well and it's very low maintenance. Additionally, brick homes are far more weather-proof and termite resistant than wood homes. When it comes time to clean the exterior of your home, a simple wash with a pressure washer will have it looking brand new in no time at all.

Pros of a Wood Home

The advantages of building or buying a wood home are numerous. While earthquakes aren't a problem in New Hampshire, wood homes are more flexible and therefore tend to do better in that type of natural disaster. However, since wood homes are so flexible, they tend to do better in any weather situation. Wood homes absorb humidity far better than brick homes, which means you are less likely to experience problems with mold later down the road. Finally, unusual floor plans and homes are more easily built with wood than with brick, allowing you more flexibility when choosing the design of your home.

Cons of Wood and Brick Homes

You get what you pay for when it comes to brick homes. If you're not willing to splurge on quality bricks, you're going to regret that decision in just a few years time. Poorly made bricks are cheap, which saves you money. However, they're porous. This means you'll experience mold problems, moisture issues and cracks.

The biggest disadvantage to living in a wood home is its natural predators. Termites and fire can cause a significant amount of expensive damage to any home, making it not worth your while if you live in an area where both are common. Additionally, wood is very high maintenance. It requires frequent repainting, replacement and refinishing.

The pros and cons are both numerous, but what you want in a home really comes down to where you live in New Hampshire, what type of budget you're working with and what you consider more difficult to deal with in terms of damage and inconvenience.

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