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Bodies Defined Delivers a Gym Experience Without Gym Intimidation

By Pamela Sosnowski

A gym isn't for everyone. As beneficial as it may be to have a membership, for some people the atmosphere proves too intimidating and the contracts too restrictive. Bodies Defined of Hollis offers an alternative. It is not a gym, but a personal training studio that offers its clients individualized training in a non-judgmental, welcoming environment that delivers real results.

Co-owner Kim Holman knows how tough it can be to begin a health regimen, because she has always struggled with weight. After overcoming depression and making the decision to step inside a gym, she met personal trainer David Holman, now her husband, who encouraged her mentally and physically. Her change inspired her friends so much they encouraged her to become a personal trainer herself. The couple opened Bodies Defined in 2009 with the mission of providing personal training in a warm environment. As Holman explains, the facility's main goal is to ensure every client is completely at-ease when working out.

"If our guest is comfortable, they are more likely to let their guard down which will allow them to trust us and trust the process," she said. "Bodies Defined is a private fitness facility, with individual training rooms, so our guests work one-on-one with their personal trainer. Our trainers spend a lot of time getting to know each of their guests. We have retained many clients for years because of the trust that we've earned, the goals that our guests have reached and the relationships we have formed."

Training sessions are flexible and they don't have to be one-on-one. Clients can take a 30-minute training session which is ideal for those just starting a fitness routine or that are pressed for time. A one-hour session is available that burns more calories and gets the blood flowing.

There are also small group sessions offered for up to four people that are fast, challenging, and a fun way to meet and encourage others in their fitness goals. No memberships means that pricing is affordable because guests only pay for training sessions.

Bodies Defined also offers a "12 Weeks to Your New Body" program that gives clients knowledge, tools, and motivation to reach fitness goals and stick to a healthier lifestyle.

"This program is designed to change the lifestyle habits needed for your success," Holman said. "Our '12 Weeks to Your New Body' challenge is a weight loss challenge, but our focus is to teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle for lifelong wellness."

Holman and her team deliver a personalized workout experience that clients just can't find in large chain gyms. With each person being unique and having their own goals and struggles, the staff understands this and never offers "cookie cutter workouts", in Holman's words. Each with their own specialties, fitness histories and lifestyles..

Holman says that the best part of her job is getting to work with people and witness their transformation.She's especially relatable because she has always worked hard to overcome her own personal weight loss obstacles.

"I work well with people who are just starting out because I remember the struggles I had when I first started working out," she said. "My own personal history makes it easy for me to relate to those fighting the same battle. I give my clients the emotional support they need to get started. I also know how to push my clients to the next level of fitness. I love to watch people change and become more confident with each new goal that they reach."

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