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Big Kahuna's Catering Makes Natural Foods Delicious

By S. Mathur

If anyone needs proof that whole and organic foods can be delicious, a trip to the Big Kahuna Bar and Grill in Merrimack NH, or a three-day pig roast will settle the matter once and for all. The catering service creates traditional feasts ranging from a Hawaiian Luau to a Mexican buffet to a New England seafood dinner. All foods are organic, locally sourced and produced without chemicals and additives.

Owner Amanda Persijn-Spooner and chef Jean-Phillipe draw upon the island philosophy of love, honor and respect for the food, its sources and the guests who will eat it.

"Kahuna's emphasis on whole foods and healthy eating coincides with our belief that there is a direct link between health and humanity," Persiin-Spooner said. "Everyone should be proactive in staying close to Mother Earth; she communicates to us by way of information through food. The Mother provides us everything we need to thrive healthfully."

The Big Kahuna's may be unique in the variety of vegan and meat choices offered.

"Our menu has been designed to represent island culture while providing high quality, whole, sustainable foods," Persijn-Spooner said. "At Big Kahunas we accommodate paleo, vegan, gluten free diets and everything in the middle. We believe that eating fresh whole food gives the body the ability to connect with its natural healing abilities."

They draw upon a family tradition of alternative health care for the mind, body, and soul. Perhaps the ultimate experience for anyone seeking natural, whole foods that are healthy and taste great is a Hawaiian luau or party. The three-day pig roast is centered around a specially dug fire pit which is lined with stones and filled with specially made coal. The pig is placed inside and the pit is sealed with clay for 12 hours. The resulting meat is tender with a taste beyond words.

Unlike most catering services, Big Kahuna's focuses on individuals specific dietary needs.

"We avoid all additives, artificial flavorings or anything that uses chemical ingredients," Persijn-Spooner said. "We provide a food service that is clean, resulting in menu options everyone can enjoy."

As well as the catering services, Big Kahuna's has a cafe in Merrimack, NH where guests can enjoy their food in a setting with Caribbean and island inspired decor. Local artwork on the walls and live music add to the feeling of welcoming comfort. The menu includes burgers, bowls, wraps, salads and burritos with fresh and natural ingredients.

The owners see themselves as emissaries for the islands and also for local and natural foods. As well as serving delicious food, Big Kahuna's has a mission to support local farmers who use natural methods, and who work with the land rather than destroying it. Animals are raised humanely. In many ways, the Big Kahuna's philosophy represents the meeting of tradition with new trends in healthy and natural eating. It also wins the taste test, hands down.

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