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BayRing Merges with Oxford Networks, Doubling its Footprint (and Stature)

By Elisha Neubauer

BayRing Communications, a premier provider of telecom communication services in northern New England, has merged with Oxford Networks of Maine. The two similar companies have walked like paths for decades, beginning as simple telephone companies which branched with modern technology; encompassing fiber, network, voice, and cloud services over time.

Both companies have idolized a specific form of customer service standards for as long as they've been in business, and have no plans to alter this dynamic with their new standing. "We have a reputation for having an obsession with treating customers right," states Paul Badeau, Marketing Manager. "It sounds like a cliché, but primarily we retain customers by providing exceptional customer service, managing our own network, cloud, and data centers." Badeau continues, explaining their tricks of the trade.

"We're good at listening to our clients' needs, and we try to serve as a de facto member of their team," he boasts. "We also offer extremely competitive pricing." As he admits, one size doesn't fit all, and unlike other companies, BayRing understands this. "We don't try to sell unnecessary services to clients. That's a short-sighted tactic that never works out in the end."

Many of their larger-bundled customers started out as single service customers, easing their way into more inclusive service packages over time as trust is developed. "We have countless examples of customers who start off using us for a single product or service, then as they get to know us and we get to know them, we advise them of additional solutions," Badeau tells us. "Our account executives often call in our engineering and product specialists, and they sit down to discuss customer goals and discover solutions, and present them to the client. Fortunately, we often end up winning the day, and our relationship is firmly cemented."

When it comes to their customers, there is no client too big or too small to be considered important to Oxford Networks. They continue to provide IT solutions to all: voice, network, data center, colocation, and cloud services. "We provide real solutions to real problems to companies of varying sizes," states Badeau. "We enhance businesses by providing fast and dependable network connections, reliable and redundant cloud and data back-up, and crystal clear, feature-rich Voice Over IP phone systems."

Oxford Networks also allows customers to add service features for their data, backup, security, and recovery needs in an a la carte fashion, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they require for their business to succeed. "We always look for better, faster, more secure ways to operate and offer services to customers," Badeau affirms.

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