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Autumn Nomad Makes Everything Fresh

By Keith Donaldson

From sandwiches to cakes to sauces, everything is made fresh at Autumn Nomad. Located on Black Mountain Road in Jackson, Autumn Nomad prides itself on only using the best, freshest ingredients to deliver top-quality food to the hungry folks of Northern New Hampshire. Co-owners Jaime Melfi (cakes) & Keith Wurster (chef) answered some of our questions about what makes Autumn Nomad so good.

How would you describe your menu?

Simple but artistic. Fresh. We roast all meats in house, make all sauces, toppings etc for each sandwich. Our bread is made for us locally. We use local ingredients when possible. We offer vegetarian options as well.

What separates your business from competitors?

We have a wide variety of experience in food, art, music, and retail. We're energetic and love what we do. Our menu and cakes are artistic and funky. We're the only place you can go to get a funky, unique cake and breakfast or lunch sandwich.

What else would you like to convey to the public about Autumn Nomad? What do you enjoy about your job?

We're a down to earth, hardworking young couple who just enjoy cooking and baking and want to share it with others.

For me, the cake artist, I love being able to create something that makes you happy. Sitting with a client designing a cake for a birthday surprise, especially when its a crazy theme. That's fun. Or meeting with a couple designing their wedding cake. We work,around celebrations and that is very rewarding.

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