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603 Karate Is More Than Just Martial Arts

By Elisha Neubauer

While karate is a great physical exercise, it is so much more than that. Karate teaches self-defense, discipline, focus, and respect. It is serious, but fun. Most importantly, it challenges children to do better.

For families located in Northfield, New Hampshire, youths have a safe, welcoming location to practice and learn the methods of karate: 603 Karate.

"Beyond all the self-defense lessons and physical exercise, I like to stress the Virtues of Karate in my classes: courtesy, modesty, integrity, gratitude, perseverance, compassion, self-control, and indomitable spirit," John Guarnieri, owner and head instructor of 603 Karate, said.

At its very base, karate is a self-defense system. It teaches students to focus on punching, kicking, and blocking. A martial art at its core, the program encourages the development of mind, body, and spirit.

"Beyond that, it is a physical art that challenges an individual to grow and become stronger through consistent and dedicated practice," Guarnieri said.

Perhaps the best notation about Karate is that it can be accomplished by anyone of any age. The only requirement is that you have a desire to get started and willingness to learn and continue to grow. Guarnieri is the prime example of these requirements. He began the practice later in life, as a full-time police officer.

"Karate not only provided me with many practical skills for my job, but it also provided me with a healthy stress release as well as an engaging social activity," he said. "As I continued taking Karate it changed from a hobby into a passion."

His passion continued to grow, expanding to a love of teaching and encouraging others in the practice which had begun to envelope his daily life. After eight years in the law enforcement industry, Guarnieri realized his true calling and decided to step away from his badge to teach karate full time.

"I also like to point out that Karate is never ending, so I consider myself a student first," he said. "I still train with my Sensei consistently as I know I still have so much to learn."

Classes are available starting at age six and are offered four nights a week.

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