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5 Signs You Need a Handyman: An Interview with Chip Labrecque of Handyman "Chip" LLC

By Chip Labrecque

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

I was a mill worker in Berlin and when the mills shut down for good I was not sure what i was going to do so I turn my hobby into my work. I worked on homes since I was very young with my dad. Like I tell my wife "Handyman Chip" is not just my business it is who i am. We offer a whole variety of services from painting to whole house remodeling. We also are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified and will do energy auditing a weatherization work.

What are some of the most common home repairs that people put off fixing?

Painting, windows and doors, moisture issues, energy related problems that are not really visible.

Can you give an example of when putting off a home repair might be dangerous or end up costing more money?

Moister issues that end up attracting carpenter ants and you end up having to replace walls and such.

Are there any home repairs or remodels that the average homeowner should not attempt to do on their own?

Depending on the knowledge and expertise of the homeowner some things are better left to the professionals. For example some people will change windows and not really know how to prevent water from entering around the window that will cause a bigger problem in two or three years, now here come the carpenter ants.

What are some house repairs or projects that can be more challenging once you start them?

Sometimes when you are changing door and windows and find that it has been taking on water for some time and the rot is down into the sill. Now the sill needs to be replaced.

What advice can you give to help homeowners choose a reliable general contractor?

Make sure the Company is listed with the State and that proper insurance is carried. Often times a company will offer service and don't really have the proper coverage and are not a real company.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company? - (603)752-2940 -

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