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3 Home Improvement Projects to Increase A Home's Value

Kitchen Improvements

Kitchens can frequently be a focal point in a sale or resale. Cosmetic upgrades to kitchens can make significant differences in the minds of potential buyers. Affordable options like replacing of kitchen faucets and refacing cabinets can improve the look of the kitchen which can increase the value of the property in the eyes of interested buyers viewing your house. For homeowners with financial constraints, it's not even necessary to fully replace the cabinets; replacing cabinet door handles can serve as a low cost improvement that has the capacity to give a similar impression to buyers.

Bathroom Improvements

Frequently the bathrooms are another focal point for potential buyers. Remodeling bathrooms built with older fixtures, appliances or external pipework can increase a home's value in the eyes of those looking to purchase from you. Bathrooms can be more easily updated than many other sections of a home and have the capacity to make a huge impression when hosting home buyers, improving your bargaining position.

Updating Heating Systems

Updating the heating systems of older homes, especially in sections of the northeast, can be a money saving process on several levels. Though it can be an expensive investment on the front end, updating a heating system can save significant amounts on heating costs for the home while you still own it; more information on comparing home heating systems is here. When considering selling your house, as well, switching to natural gas or other eco-friendly heating options can also prove profitable. Natural gas is easier in terms of maintenance, is less potentially dangerous to the environment and the surrounding area and is growing in popularity and use due to its decreased risk to the environment and more manageable costs. These reasons make natural gas or other environmentally friendly heating options a very beneficial home improvement project in the long term for home owners with larger amounts of disposable income.


Roofs are expensive to repair and replace though they are very important to potential buyers. The condition of a roof is going to make a huge difference in the types of offers from potential homebuyers, which means that the resale value of a home may not skyrocket as a result of the work done but may decrease if the roof is not satisfactory in its construction or condition.

As with all potential home improvement projects and larger scale investments, its necessary to do as much research as possible. The more information you have and the clearer your understanding of pricing and expected results of these projects, the more successful you'll ultimately be. Use these tips to help you get started on setting your house up for the best resale purchase price possible.

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